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David Mordie Holland

Written by his son, Samuel L. Holland

Mordie was born in Carroll County, Tenn. Aug. 31, 1895 and died Aug. 8, 1972 in Panola County, Texas. He married Lois Elizabeth Allison April 28, 1917 in Panola County. His parents were Andrew Jackson Holland and Margaret Young Holland. When Mordie was quite young they moved to the farm where Adrain Holland now lives. They were living there in a log house in 1904 when his older brother Eddie died from congestive chills. They were at the same place in 1908 when his grandmother Martha Brigham Holland died in their home.

Then about 1915, after building a home in McLemoresville, Tenn. and moving there, the house burned and all family belongings were lost. These and other events caused serious setbacks in the family economy.

Mordie attended school in McLemoresville but on a part time basis some of the time due to the critical need for help on the farm. In spite of this he made the most of his schooling. At the time of his death, he could still name all of the bones of the human body by memory.

In 1916, about the time Mordie became 21, he packed all of his earthly belongings in a trunk and boarded the train for Beckville, Texas to join and work for his uncle in Panola County, Texas.

One glimpse of his wife to be and he hired on with her uncle in the same area. A little more than a year after Mordie left home, he was married to Lois Allison. She was a descendent of President James K. Polk and her grandfather was one of the original signers of the Texas Constitution.

Mordie became a highly respected farmer, rancher, builder, Sunday School Teacher, and served on numerous community and local government projects and committees.

As a rancher he was well known for his ability to make a horse, mule, cow or dog do what he wanted them to. Soon after he was married, he traded for a blue mare mule. She lived 35 years and was the only animal Mordie never conquered. The first time he rode her she jumped a fence and fell on him. She ran away at least once every spring, Mordie loved her for her spirit and she never failed him in a pulling contest, but she never consented to be ridden.

Mordie and Lois’s children are:
Virgil M. Holland married Evangeline Dennard.
Samuel L. Holland married Helen Holland.
Marguerite Holland married Edwin Botkin,
Leland R. Holland married June E. Pierce.
James H. Holland married Martha Flanigan.

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Dr. V.M. Holland and his wife Evangeline, with his Uncle S.T. Allison organized major moment and restoration projects in the 50's like this one.

Latitude: 32.1501615 Longitude: -94.5410376 USGS GNIS FID: 1350123

Fairplay, Panola Co. Cemeteries of TX

By Panola Co. Hist. & Genealogical Assn(1998)

Photos and submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Cemeteries of TX(2003)

Location:- North of US Highway 79, one mile west of Fairplay.- Situated on a hillside near the original home of Pivines and John Williams Families, where Panola County's first Methodist Church was organized by Littleton Fowler at the Williams Home.- A small weather worn replica of the log church building which once stood there is at the back of the cemetery; and an official marble stone marks the place where Bethel Church stood.- That church was later moved to Fairplay and it is active as Allison's Chapel.- -

In 1952, descendants and interested citizens erected a memorial gate and large marble monument, with this tribute; "In memory of our Pioneer Forefather, 1837 1922.- Remains of John Allison rest here;- He was Panola County's First County Judge.

In 1952 other graves were numbered and a small marker was placed by each grave, bearing the assigned- number.- At that time a large memorial stone was erected with identification for as many graves as descendants could secure.- There are seven graves either child or grandchild of John & Betty Williams, 4 slaves of the Allison's and at least 40 known unmarked grave.

Dr. V.M. Holland and Leila B. LaGrone contributed much to the record of Panola County History.


Originally published in the EAST TEXAS FAMILY RECORDS VOL. 8, NO. 4, WINTER
1984, by East Texas Genealogical Society.

Submitted by Don Austin Carthage, Texas

A ETGS member, Don Austin, is a pro at locating old lost or abandoned
cemeteries. "This list of persons buried in the Old Macedonia Cemetery in
Panola County, which I compiled is a result of canvassing the markers still in
existence, as well as additional research. All sources are quoted in the
bibliography at the end of the article. "


The old Macedonia Cemetery, located in the Holland's Quarters Community in
western Panola County, is probably one of the four oldest cemeteries in the
county, dating to at least 1843, when Macedonia Methodist Church was organized
as a result of the missionary work of the Rev. Littleton FOWLER. A Baptist
church was also organized here in 1845 by Reverends Isaac REED and Lemuel
HERRIN, and both denominations shared the same building until 1880 when it
burned, resulting in the relocation of both churches.
According to Panola County deed records, Sihon HOUSE donated three acres
of land in 1848 to Lemuel HERRIN and Abner HERRIN, "Trustees of the Baptist
Macedonia Church." The area described by the deed includes the present location
of the cemetery, however, no mention is made in the language of the conveyance
of a cemetery being there at that time. It is located in the Sihon HOUSE
Survey, which is adjoined by the Catherine LINDSEY Survey to the west,
headright in 1839. Both Catherine LINDSEY and Rev. HERRIN are buried here. It
is now an abandoned cemetery. Location: Just west of Holland's Quarters
Community on County Road #225.

I. Large granite marker at cemetery site.

B., M. Watson (BROWNING, Martha Watson, dau. of Wm. and Nancy WATSON and first
wife of John Tolbert BROWNING).
BEAUCHAMP, N. (Newell, son of J. B. & Angeline BEAUCHAMP, died young)
BROOKS, D. - see list below
BROOKS, J. - see list below
BROWNING, Ada - (Dau. of John Tolbert and Mary BROWNING, died young)
BROWNING, H. D. - Hosea D., born 1806 in Tennessee2
BROWNING, W. - (Willie, son of John Tolbert and Mary BROWNING, died young)
CALAHAN, Rev. - see list below
CALAHAN, F. L. - see list below
CRANFORD, four children - see list below
HOSKINS, P. - see list below
LINDSEY, C. (Catherine, widow of John LINDSEY - came to Panola County in 1836,
headright granted 1839).
MURRAY, J. - see list below
MURRAY, L. - see list below
THOMPSON, H. - see list below
WATSON, J. - (John Lindsey, son of Wm. & Nancy Watson, Confederate)
WATSON, N. - (Nancy Barthenia Lindsey, dau. of John & Catherine Lindsey, wife
of Wm. H. Watson)
WATSON, W. - (William Wesley, son of Wm. & Nancy Watson, died young)
WATSON, W. H. -(Wm. H., son of James & Nancy Watson, husband of Nancy B.


BROWN, W. (Watt - see list below)
HOLLAND, J. - (Jenny - see list below)
HOLLAND, L. - (Lafestus - see list below)
REDDIC, E. - (Eldon - see list below)
**Note: Information in parentheses provided by Marylee Knight, Beckville, Texas.

II. Other stones evident in 1982 --canvassed by the writer.
ALLISON, M. Lucinda - 7 Aug 1877 - 23 Jan 1900
BEAUCHAMP, Angelina Lindsey - 1825 - 1862 - wife of Joseph Benedict
BEAUCHAMP, Joseph Benedict - 14 Jan 1814 in Kentucky - 16 Apr 1862 - Army of
Texas, 1835
BROOKS, David B. - 14 Mar 1885 - 4 Sep 1888
BROOKS, Joseph R. - 9 Jan 1879 - 8 Oct 1883
COPELAND, M. L. - 1 May 1845 - 14 Jun 1872 - Wife of F. M. Copeland
COPELAND, W. J. - 22 May 1870 - 14 Feb 1873 - son of F. M. & M. L.
CRANFORD, Dol1ie - 10 Jun 1879 - 13 Oct 1879 - dau. of V. D. & L. A.
CRANFORD, James T. - 22 Nov 1858 - 11 Jul 1872 - Son of V. D. & L. A.
CRANFROD, Minnie Lee - 28 Feb 1874 - 13 Apr 1890 - Dau. of V. D. & L. A.
CRANDORD, William F. - 25 Aug 1872 - 7 Sep 1876 - Son of V. D. & L. A.
GRAHAM, Altamirah - 21 Nov 1857 - 10 Jan 1859 - Dau. of J. H. & W. A.
GRAHAM, Ann Eliza - 15 Feb 1852 - 17 Sep 1852 - Dau. of J. H. & W. A.
GRAHAM, Georgea Washington - 13 Aug 1855 - 6 Feb 1858 - Son of J. H. & W. A.
GRAHAM, Sarah Rosannah - 16 Feb 1847(?) - 17 Mar 1848 - Dau. of J. H. & W. A.
HOSKINS, P. H. - 5 May 1820 - 19 Feb 1872
MURRAY, Clementine - 17 Jan 1792 - 4 Jan 1864 - Wife of L. B. Murray
MURRAY, Emily M. - 24 Nov 1834 - 13 Jul 1864
MURRAY, J. W. - 25 Jul 1823 - 6 Jun 1858
MURRAY, L. B. - 23 Sep 1783 - 29 Jan 1868
THOMPSON, Henry S. - 30 Oct 1810 - 16 Apr 1855 - Husband of L. A. Thompson,
(Father of Wm. Ware & I. T. Thompson)

III. Additions from Knight files -Marylee Knight, Beckville, Texas.

BOYKIN, Sam - 1839 - 1900
BROWN, Watt - died 27 Sep 1915 - aged 75 yrs.
BROWN, Ruthie - died in 1925 - wife of Watt Brown
HOLLAND, Jenny - 4 Oct 1876 - 1 Jun 1901 - Dau. of Aaron & Lucy Holland
HOLLAND, Lafestus - 17 Sep 1884 - 1889 - Son of Marshal & Eva Holland
HOLLAND, Marshal - 1832 - 1888
HOLT, Charles - died 17 Jan 1884 - Son of Cyrus & Lucy Holt
HOLT, Edith - 19 Jan 1874 - 18 Dec 1895 - Dau. of Cyrus & Lucy Holt
HOLT, Marshal - died 2 Sep 1880 - Son of Cyrus & Lucy Holt
REDDIC, Willie Ann - wife of Eldon Reddic

COPELAND, Infant of F. M. & M. J. Copeland

IV. Letters of Dr. V. M. Holland, Carthage, Texas.
ALLRED, Elijah - 20 Oct 1801 (in Randolph Co., N.C.)4 - 1866
ALLRED, Sarah Herrin - died 1845 - wife of Elijah Allred and dau. of Abner Herrin
HERRIN, Abner - died about 1849
HERRIN, Abner, Jr. - 1819 - ?
HERRIN, James - 1838 - ? - probably son of Abner Herrin, Jr.
HERRIN, Keziah Hendon - 1780 - died about 1855 - wife of Abner Herrin
HERRIN, Rev. Lemuel - 1787 - 25 Aug 1852
HERRIN, Lonsey - 1828 - ? - wife of Abner Herrin, Jr.
HERRIN, Mary - 1787 - ? - wife of Lemuel Herrin
HERRIN, Lorenzo - 1835 - ? - son of Lemuel Herrin

V. Additions from S. T. Allison's 1920 map.
ALSUP, -three graves
MURRAY, Kissiah (see list below for dates)
THOMPSON, - eleven graves

VI. Additions from "Panola County Cemeteries, Inventory from 1959-1980" -by
Leila B. LaGrone, August 1980 (Servie League Library, Carthage)

BROWN, George & Sallie - died Mar 1892
BROWN, William C. - 30 Feb 1888 - 21 Dec 1897 - Son of S. & Catherine
CARTWRIGHT, Elzie - 8 Dec 1885 - 4 Mar 1893
COLLINS, Beulah - 1 Feb 1877 - 17 Jun 1899 - Dau. of Eliza
MURRAY, Kisiah - died 24 Jul 1848 - age 18 yrs., 7 mos., 28 days

VII. Additional information from files of David Malone, Itasca, Texas.
CALLAHAN, David - 1852 - 1866 - son of Martin & Elizabeth Callahan
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth I. - 1822 - 1877 - wife of Rev. Martin Callahan
CALLAHAN, Louisa - 1854 - 1872 - Dau. of Martin & Elizabeth
CALLAHAN, Rev. Martin - 1820 - (5 Sept.)5 1896
CALLAHAN, Sarah - 1853 - 1868 - Dau. of Martin & Elizabeth
CALLAHAN, Thomas (Ty) - Brother to Elizabeth -(Martin & Elizabeth were first
CALLAHAN, Zachery Harrison - 1859 - 1876 - Son of Martin & Elizabeth

VIII. Miscellaneous research.
COOPER, Dr. ,William H. - 1823 (Ohio) 1869 - (buried in individual grave about 300
yards west of cemetery)6
HULL, Sarah Dovey Davis - 1841 (in GA) - 1869 - (Came to Texas in 1859 - first
wife of Francis Marion Hull)7


1 Leila B. LaGrone, "Religion in Panola County," in History of Panola County,
Texas (Panola County Historical Commission, 1979) p. 48.
2 Information provided by Dr. V. M. Holland, Carthage, Texas.
3 J. B. Sanders, Index to the Cemeteries of Panola County, Texas, 1836-1964
(Center, Texas: J. B. Sanders, 1966), p. 143
4 From S. T. Allison's "History of Fair Play - Panola County, Texas" (available
in the Special Collections, Steen Library, Nacogdoches).
5 See Panola County Baptist Association Minutes, 1921, p. 34
6 By Testimony of local residents - Dates: J. B. Sanders, 1850 Census - Panola
County, Texas (Center, Texas: J. B. Sanders, 1966) p. 37. Leila B.
LaGrone, "Dr. Oscar H. Cooper", in History of Panola Co., Texas
(Panola Co. Historical Commission, 1970) p. 188.
7 Julia T. Hull, "The Hulls in Panola County, Texas," in History of Panola
County, Texas (Panola County Historical Commission, 1979) p. 366.

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Holland Fair Play Reunion is August 14, 2010 - 10:30 to 1:30 - Lunch at NOON.

If you want to participate post a comment here are email me at or call me at 214-340-4774.

I will be hosting the Fairplay Holland Union on August 14, 2010 AD.

I have picked up the plasic flatware and napkins this week: Albertson's had a Half Price sale on Cowboy Super Bowl dinner ware.

Let's get together and share some food and fellowship with relatives.

One of my friends told me about a weekend at Tarrant Ranch. When you search for the ranch, you find the Tarrant Family as well as bit of Texas History

Robert Edward Lee Tarrant
Graveside services for Robert L. Tarrant, 98, of Bullard were held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 2 with a nephew, John Cole Jr. officiating.

Burial was in the Tarrant Cemetery on Tarrant Ranch.

Mr. Tarrant died Tuesday, March 1 at his son’s home on the ranch at Bullard.

He was born Dec. 20, 1906 and was named after Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. His birthplace was one mile north of Bullard. Shortly after his birth, his father moved back to the longtime Tarrant properties south of Bullard on the old Larissa Road. He lived on this property most of his life. He went through the sixth grade in Bullard and worked on his father’s farm until 1926 when he went to barber school in Little Rock, Ark.

After that he operated a barber shop on the east side of the square in Frankston.

He met Myrtle Levassar and they were married April 28, 1928 and in 1930 he moved back to his father’s farm.

Mr. Tarrant later had jobs with the Bishop Brick Co. and the Cameron Iron Works, an oil field supply company, in Houston.

In 1946, he purchased 410 acres of land which joined his father’s 560 acres and moved from Houston. He built a seven-room house on this property and lived there until his death.

In the 1940s, like everyone else farming in East Texas, he raised cotton, corn, watermelons, tomatoes and some cattle.

In the 1950s he built chicken houses and raised broilers. In the 1960s, coastal bermuda grass, livestock and hay became the main source of income.

In the 1970s, Mr. Tarrant built his herd of registered grey Brahman cattle into the largest Brahman herd owned by one individual in the United States, 600 head at the time. He developed the only herd of black Brahman cattle in the U.S. He exported cattle to Thailand, South Africa and Mexico.

He was dedicated to soil and water conservation practices and wildlife preservation.

He was preceded in death by his father, Hugh Tarrant, a lifelong resident of Bullard; his mother, Ellen Pearson Tarrant, originally from the Troup area; his wife of 73 years Myrtle Levassar Tarrant, originally from Frankston; all of his six brothers and sisters; and all but one of his 121 cousins.

He is survived by his son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Mary Anne Tarrant of Bullard; two grandsons and their wives, Jim Jr. and Cindy Tarrant and Ken and Brandy Tarrant, all of Bullard; five great grandchildren and including Frankston area relatives by kin or marriage and many friends in Tyler, Jacksonville and Frankston areas.

Pallbearers were Jim Tarrant, Jim Tarrant Jr., Ken Tarrant, Matt Tarrant, Ben Tarrant and Will Tarrant.