Friday, July 24, 2009

The Author as a young man. V.M. Holland standing next to WHOM?

I had a good guess that it is simply his Grandmother Minnie.
Posted the comment below. Do you agree?

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  1. Again this Is in the blue Allison pamphlet. Aunt "Sac" or "Sak" was Thomas
    G. Allison's fourth and final wife. Her full name was Sarah Martha
    Williams. Their only son was Samuel Theodore, who was the 10th child of his
    father, Thomas G. Allison. Yes, Aunt SaK was his mother that lived with
    Uncle Sam and(Aunt Mame) at the old house, but I am still not sure that is
    the woman in the bonnet. If you look at the framed formal photo of the old house with everyone including the family mules and dog. Aunt Sak is the woman in the chair, besides Aunt Mame (another child of Uncle S. G Allison
    by another wife.) Does the woman in the chair look like the woman in the bonnet?
    And given the age of the woman in the house picture in 1900 and the woman in the picture with your father, I would guess that the woman is this grandmother, Minnie Allison.