Tuesday, June 16, 2009

East Texas Genealogical Society Member and Co-Founder of "Old Red" or Old Jail Museum

Dr. V. M. Holland was a member of the Panola County Branch of the East Texas Genealogical Society and worked with Leila B. LaGrone, both lived in Carthage, Texas. Their shared passion was history, especially local history. Just before his death in 1990, The Old Red Brick County Jail would become a historical museum and storehouse for historical records of the Panola County Genealogical Society. A major achievement of Dr. V. M. Holland after a live time of medical and civic service to the community.


Assembled by Leila B. LaGrone Carthage, Texas
Two well-known doctors who practiced family medicine in Panola County intheearly times were named WALL, father and son: Dr. Alexander S. (Sandy) WallandDr. James Edgar Wall, his son. Dr. Sandy Wall moved to Beckville, Texas in1853.To him and his wife, Dr. Edgar was born in 1857. Later, Dr. Sandy Wallmoved toCarthage, and when his son graduated from Medical School in Kentucky, hejoinedhis father in Carthage. Dr. Wall, Sr. died in Carthage in 1907; and the Dr.Wall, Jr., died in 1910.Dr. James Edgar Wall also owned and operated a drug store in Carthage. Twoofhis sons became pharmacists.His Medical Journal of 325 births (several of them twins) is beautifullydone.He was an expert penman. My friend and co-worker on heritage papers, the late Dr. V. M. Holland, said he would give Dr. Wall "A" for his birth records.We are indebted to Dr. Wall's granddaugher, Mrs. Marilyn Harris, fortrustingour LaGrone Family History Center as the safe-preservation of this valuablepieceof area heritage. These births are registered to the mother as the babieswerenot named at once; but this is the only official register. No governmentrequire-ments were given at that time.One page of this record was torn out of the book at some point in time bysomeonewho took family names #281 to 300 - 20 names. This is tragic, because onlythenames were torn out; dates remain in the book with no names for thosedates.I am told by my friend, Louise West, a descendant of the Bounds family,thatGeorge W. Bounds, Jr., was one of those names for they know the story ofhisbirth at Old Pulaski in January, 1898. George W. Bounds, Sr. ran the FerryatPulaski at that time.At the date of these birth records, the doctors used a horse and buggy.Duringchildbirth, they sometimes had to spend the night, depending on how thepatientgot along, the weather, and how far away they were from home at the time.

The Panola Watchman Story on the Old Jail Museum in Carthage


The Panola Watchman Story that reported the death of Dr. V.M. Holland


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